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Facts and fallacies about vaccination by the Dutch Influenza Foundation

Facts and fallacies about vaccination

An independent information document for nurses (download plain text)

Nursing professionals play a vital role in the healthcare system. They support people on their road to recovery and are wholeheartedly committed to this task. Nursing professionals also play a critical role in preventing infectious diseases and their potential complications. Indeed, they are more involved with vaccinations than most other people.

Like other groups, nurses receive an annual invitation to get a flu jab. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they were prioritised as one of the first to receive the vaccination. Moreover, patients may approach them with questions about vaccinations. This requires them to place trust in scientists, vaccine suppliers, and policymakers. Both healthcare professionals and patients have questions about vaccines. And with good reason. Therefor it is important that nursing professionals are able to provide evidence-based answers to questions by their patients.

This independent information document provides substantiated and up-to-date information to ensure that nurses are as well informed as possible. This enables them to provide guidance to patients or clients and also to make an informed decision about vaccination for themselves.

How should one use this document?

Although all information in the document is relevant, there is no need to read the contents of this document in any particular order. Questions of individual interest (blue page 3) can be clicked and the information around this question will appear.

The document is a translation of the Dutch version. It should be adapted according to national context and guidelines. The plain text can be downloaded for free.

We would appreciate if you will disseminate this document to relevant health professionals in your network, if you feel this to be appropriate.

Feedback on the document is appreciated and can be forwarded to the Dutch Influenza Foundation by mail:

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